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Choosing the Right Sippy Cup

Of all the varieties of sippy cups on the market, how do you know which one is right to choose? There are some that have caused toddlers to visit the E.R., so it’s essential that you make the proper decision.

What’s the Best Sippy Cup?

You must ensure that you’re using the correct cup. Here are a few distinctions between the varieties.

Transition cup

Helps you move from bottle or breast to cup. They often utilize handles and feature a soft nipple. These are best for kids between four and twelve months.

Toddler cup

Helps kids work with dexterity, so there aren’t any handles. They feature either a spout or straw and are ideal for ages twelve months through three years old.

Water bottle

At the age of three, kids have the majority of their teeth and are continually moving. That’s when it’s possible to use kid-sized water bottles.

Then, there is the concern over materials. Some plastics have BPA which concerns some parents. Glass is suitable for adults, but certainly not safe for babies. Stainless steel keeps us safe from chemicals but makes cups heavy. Silicone might be another good option, but there’s still not significant data on the safety.

Then, you need to decide whether you should use a valve, straw or spout. The American Dental Association doesn’t like valves, mainly because they require prolonged sucking instead of sipping. If you are debating between a spout or straw, the straw is your best option. It keeps liquid off the front teeth, which prevents cavities.


Every one of the containers, aside from the soft-spouted cup, has hazards attached to it. Kids that are walking around with the cup in one hand could fall and cause injury. One child every four hours shows up at the emergency room because of a sippy cup injury.

That’s why it’s important you discuss your options with your family dentist in Woodbridge, Virginia, so the two of you can determine what’s best for your needs. Bring up the topic at your next appointment.

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