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Look, even we can admit it — going to the dentist isn’t the most fun thing in the world. As a family dentistry in Woodbridge, we understand all too clearly how intimidating a dental appointment can be. That’s why we take every measure to ensure that our clients have a positive experience — we want to see people walk out of our office smiling! Since that’s what we do at our dental clinic, why not do the same in our blog posts?

As it turns out, there are actually a lot of cool facts about teeth and dentistry. Instead of writing some long post about dental health, let’s take a nice little relaxing break from all the minutia of oral health and look at some fun facts about the human mouth.

Here are some fun facts about teeth!


While humans are generally soft, squishy creatures, there are some parts of us that are more solid. Did you know that the teeth are the hardest, most resilient part of our entire body? Indeed, it’s easier to break a bone than to chip or break a tooth. Our teeth can take a whole lot of punishment, but there’s a caveat — they can’t grow anything back once they’ve been damaged. This makes them different from bones, which can heal after breaking. Even severe breaks where the bone has been completely snapped in half will eventually heal if they’re set right. But once you’ve chipped your tooth, it’s there to stay,

The hard part of our teeth is known as the enamel. Despite being hard and white, our teeth are not bones, as bones are made from a different substance. But despite how hard our teeth are, they have a soft inside. Indeed, inside the enamel, every tooth has a gentle nerve center — that’s why your teeth can really hurt sometimes!


If you didn’t already know, your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint — nobody else on the entire planet has the same dental blueprint as you, and teeth are often used to identify deceased bodies if the fingerprints aren’t enough to do the job. That’s right, somewhere out there, you have a dental record, and it will always be a unique part of your identity.

But aside from that, your teeth can actually tell a lot more stories. Teeth are very much like an archaeological record of someone’s life — their placement, health, and texture can tell a lot about how someone lived.

There are a lot of little details in someone’s teeth. Through teeth, professionals can usually deduce the general region of where someone lived, how long ago they were alive, what kind of diet they had, and what kind of health afflictions they may or may not have had. The stories that teeth can tell us are fascinating, and extremely helpful for those who try to decode the past — especially since teeth stay in relatively good shape after someone passes away.


Have you ever felt nervous about getting braces? Have you ever felt like they might impact the quality of your smile? In US pop culture, braces are often the brunt of jokes, particularly a few decades ago where insults like “brace face” were tossed around in schoolyards. While braces are decidedly more common now — to the point where most people don’t even really think about them — it turns out that in other regions of the world, braces are actually pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that there are waves of teenagers scrambling to get fake ones.

In several Southeast Asian countries, braces became a style phenomenon among youth, and there was, for a while, a craze for fake braces. That’s right — there were teenagers, all over the place, making a conscious decision to put faux-braces in their mouth, even if they weren’t needed. Much like wearing glasses when you have perfect vision, it was something that teenagers did to stay cool. If you’re going to get braces soon, or you have a teenager who’s about to get them on, perhaps a trip to Singapore is in order.

It’s important to note that our staff at Prince William Family Dental hasn’t been to Southeast Asia in recent years, so we’re not sure if the fake braces fad is still going strong — most online articles regarding the subject come from around 2013 – 2016, but it’s still an interesting little tidbit regardless!


One misleading fact about teeth is that our dental concerns are more serious now than they ever have been. This is true to a certain degree — today’s humans consume more sugar than any generation before. In fact, it’s likely that the sugar consumption of the last few generations is greater than the rest of human history combined. Sugar is one of the most insidious threats to dental health, so yes, dentists are more common than they’ve ever been.

While that fact is true at face value, some people draw falsehoods out of the unspoken implications. It’s been theorized that human teeth have always been fine and dandy up until modern ages, that our teeth have only started going so bad because we eat more sugar than humans should. But this isn’t completely true — there has always been a need for dentistry, and there is archaeological evidence to support that fact.

The first known dentist goes all the way back to 5,000 BC in ancient Egyptian culture. Many ancient cultures experimented with dental health, and several of them created rudimentary toothpaste. While we face a lot more dangers to our health in modern days, the consequences of dental negligence have always been present.


Speaking of modern times, we’ve got it better than everyone in the past, with the incredible amount of effective toothpaste products on the market. We’ve quite literally narrowed dental health down to a science, and toothpaste is only getting better.

But, buyer beware — toothpaste can be dangerous, even lethal, if it’s directly consumed. While most toothpaste products are a complex mix of several different ingredients, none of them are meant to be swallowed. This is why we spit after we brush our teeth — while toothpaste is great for our enamel, it’s terrible for our bodies, and if you look closely at any bottle, you’ll see a poison control warning in case of ingestion.

While most people are very aware that you shouldn’t swallow or consume toothpaste, warnings like this are more important than they’ve ever been. With the emergence of viral culture, there are sometimes people who do dangerous things for the sake of internet fame — whether it’s drinking a tube of toothpaste or “spiking” someone’s food/drink with it for a prank. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens with people unaware of the health consequences. Respect the power of toothpaste!


Pretty cool stuff, right? If you’ve read these facts about teeth and you’re just totally jazzed about dental health now, why not schedule an appointment at our family dentistry? We serve everyone in and around the regions of Dumfries and Woodbridge, and you can bet our dentists know everything there is to know about tooth health. Regular teeth cleanings, and other dental appointments are essential for long-term dental health, so be sure to make an appointment soon! All you have to do is contact us here. Hope to see you soon!